Thursday, February 16, 2017

Senator McCain Duped by Phone Prank into Disclosing U.S. Secrets to Foreign Broadcasters (Video)


Russian hackers do it again, and now make a prank phone call to Senator McCain where he spills his beans about more sanctions. The same Foreign Broadcasters that made Maxine Waters look stupid NOW have John McCain committing TREASON on tape.

Here is Senator John McCain talking about Russian sanctions

Senator John McCain all about polishing his formerly military stained image with Tarni-Shield.

What a political hack. that is Senator John McCain .. Senator Treasonous Warmonger ... He thinks he is running the show behind the scene ... Yeah, because its Russians who are taking are jobs! Its Russians who move here and collect government benefits and refuse to assimilate...Its Russians that blow us up...its Russians who chant "Death to America"...Its Russians who are raping us in trade agreements.. Oh wait.... Russians don't do any of those things...

Senator John McCain = McTrash. And McTrash has NO authority to conduct foreign business without President Trump knowing.

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