Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sibel Edmonds, FBI Whistleblower, Testifies that FBI is in Possesion of Pedophile Dennis Hastert Little Boy Rape Videos

Sibel Edmonds, here, is talking about all the boys who would have been saved (from rape or worse) had authorites and mainstream news acted on the info she gave them, and they had !! Sibel is a courageous and fearless woman. She an ex-insider and always tells it like it is. There is no end to how deep the pedophile nightmare goes. Keep shining the light and the roaches will be exposed.

It's shocking that the FBI would be more worried about ruffling feathers or losing their jobs than they would be getting child sexual abusers off the streets.

What kind of world are they living in, those FBI Agents, where they would prioritize job security over children? Or is it that the top echelons of the FBI are filled with pedophiles? If that's the case, the lower level agents need to call them out. How could they sleep at night doing any less?

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