Wednesday, March 8, 2017

President Trump just let Speaker Paul Ryan stumble drunk into traffic...

Have faith, President Trump knows what he's doing. And, most important, God is not on President Trump's side...President Trump is on GOD's side! And The Almighty Heavenly God is moving!

President Trump stepped aside and let Ryan put forth his best effort with his repeal and replace bill. What's come to be known as Obamacare Lite and soundly rejected on all sides.

President Trump's cryptic tweet yesterday about his good friend Rand Paul piqued my interest: []

Then Breitbart drops this nugget today about Rand Paul and the freedom caucus meeting with Vice President Pence to go over his version of repeal and replace.

Now the house needs 218 votes to pass the bill. They have 237 republicans. The freedom caucus has 40 members and its own bill to vote for now. 237-40 = Paul Ryan's bill is DOA. Oh by the way, POTUS is on a plane to Kentucky as we speak.

Just my gut instinct, but it sure feels like President Trump gave Ryan just enough rope to hang himself. Let the globalist Ryan think he's got control, expose his own position with Obamacare Lite, and effectively play decoy for the arrows and slings. Then let an actual conservative and medical professional, Rand Paul, set the stage.

That's some House of Cards ongoings right there...

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