Monday, June 12, 2017

President Trump is DESTROYING the "Deep State", Greek Mythology Style!


If this was Greek Mythology: President Trump = Perseus, Comey = Medusa, and "Deep State" = Cetus or Kraken. It's over for the "Deep State"

President Trump's Record SO FAR:

He won an election that the "experts" said was un-winnable.

He defeated Soros's plan to delay the counting of electoral votes and throwing the election to the House of Representatives.

He worked out a deception operation with Michael Flynn, designed to make the Democrats think only about Russia.

He carried out the fastest, most brutal military operation since World War II, after Assad used chemical weapons.

The evidence shows that the US coordinated with unidentified bombers that used GBU-39s.

Trump has convinced multiple manufacturers to return to the US before he even implements his agenda.

Multiple defense contractors have slashed their prices.

While judges blocked the symbolic visa suspension, the DHS rewrote the rules for enforcing immigration laws.

Enormous raids are netting illegal gangsters and American pedophiles at a rate never before seen.

The night Trump was elected, the Dow Jone futures went to -1200 but then recovered. Never happened before. It was Divine intervention.

Every leader in the Middle East--except for Erdogan and the mullahs--says that because of Trump, peace is finally possible.

With a tweet, Trump goaded Comey into perjuring himself multiple times.

HOWEVER, Trump's "supporters" are still afraid. There's no hope for those people. Somethings wrong with them. Nobody can outsmart Trump, he is on God's Side, and the God of Heaven is making moves. That's just reality. I'm sick of these endless warnings about some creaky old has-been is going to pull a fast one, leaving Trump saying, "D'OH!"

I'm not even listening to this crap anymore. It's pure mental illness.

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