Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jeff Sessions MUST Resign Today! Jeff Sessions is The Trojan Horse

Jeff Sessions is/was the perfect picture of everything the left hated all the way down to the pale skin, frightening white devil's eyes and neat, light hair.

Jeff Sessions, took the oath of office ON THE BIBLE, KNOWING that he was about to recuse immediately from, basically, all things pertaining to the Attorney General.

How could he do that??

Jeff Sessions is a liar and a thief stealing from the American People the abilities of a strong AG, and who NEED a strong AG, to go after the True Criminal organizations. In this, Jeff Sessions is completely ineffective. Jeff Sessions has taken himself out of action. He is beyond useless as he is an impediment.

Jeff Sessions recusal states, "I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States."

Jeff Sessions, also, before the Senate, and under oath, said he would expressly recuse himself from any issue he campaigned on, including HRC emails and Clinton Foundation

Jeff Sessions cannot fire FBI's Political Hack Andrew McCabe, because Sessions recused himself.

Jeff Sessions cannot reign in Mueller because Sessions recused himself.

Jeff Sessions cannot go after Hillary and her unencrypted personal server sitting in a bathroom receiving classified emails, because Sessions recused himself.

Jeff Sessions cannot go after the Awan Brothers because Sessions recused himself.

Jeff Sessions is worse than impotence...Jeff Sessions represents constipation.

Jeff Sessions needs to GO! Get Out!! Resign Today!!!

Jeff Sessions is/was a Trojan horse, that Trump apparently was duped into hiring by his own party.

President Trump is facing the reality that his own party set him up with Jeff Sessions to facilitate the Hilarry/Obama/McCain Russian connection story, in an attempt to CONTINUE TO SUPPORT team Obama behind closed doors, while flat out lying to Republican voters.