Sunday, February 26, 2017

McCain Foundation Nothing More than Donor Fleecing Operation, Modeled After Clinton Money Laundering Operation

Turns out, Sen. John McCain has a foundation called the McCain Institute.

Here's a nice mug shot of the man, the legend:

What do they do? Why, they fight ... human trafficking, of course!

And who is on the board for human trafficking at the McCain Institute?

None other than left-wing nut job Ashton Kutcher. So nice of him to help out a fellow globalist conservative progressive. Glad to see they're on the same team. Way to go, guys!

On the Board of Trustees is an interesting name ... Lynn Forester De Rothschild.

Among the donors, we have ... Saudi Arabia, Rothschild, Bloomberg, the McCain Presidential Campaign (ever wonder where your political donations go???), and several large corporations and billionaires.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia donated $1,000,000. Is this like the Clinton Foundation "donations?" Is it a way to sneak around campaign finance laws? Is it a reason why McCain has a certain "viewpoint" about the Middle East?

Let's look a little closer at the SIZE of the McCain Institute.

21 members on the Board of Trustees.

11 members on the Human Trafficking Advisory Council

10 members on the NGL Advisory Council

4 Fellows

27 Staff Members, all with very important sounding titles, too!

And 7 Interns

That's 80 people. Nice!

So, with all that manpower on staff, and all those corporate and government and powerful, billionaire type donors (not to mention John McCain's campaign money) ... you would think they would be doing all sorts of great things to help stop human trafficking, right?

They are probably donating millions and millions of dollars around the world, and helping fight such a terrible problem, right?

Umm ... how about ... no?

In 2012, the foundation donated exactly $500,000.

In 2013, it was $500,000 again.

In 2014, it was upped to $1,500,000.

Notice those nice, round numbers? Almost as if one person simply wrote a single check, put up a fancy website, and then did NOTHING ELSE for 3 straight years.

And to WHOM or WHAT did that $2.5 million go to? Some human traffic superfighter, right?

Umm ... how about ... no?

It all went to Arizona State University (scroll down through the tax returns to see the disclosure).

It ALL -- EVERY PENNY -- went here:

Which, oh by the way, does not appear to have anything whatsoever to do with human trafficking.

Are we looking at a money laundering operation here?

Looks an awful lot like the bogus Clinton Foundation or simply a Donor RIP-OFF Operation.

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