Monday, February 20, 2017

HERE, at last, the REAL Senator John McCain...UNVEILED! And he IS a TRAITOR!

It is time to reveal the yapping dog of Senator John McCain for what it is, by the FACTS of his Naval career, which only rivaled John Kerry for incompetence and treason.

John McCain is the only pilot to ever bring down FIVE AIRCRAFT IN HIS OWN AIR FORCE. McCain then went on to become a songbird for the North Vietnamese communists in making anti American propaganda

So let's start...John McCain's career can best be summed up in his inept flying.

Plane 1: Pilot McCain was practicing touch and go landings at Corpus Christi, Texas. McCain crashed into the water and was knocked unconscious, and somehow 'awoke' to save himself. His report was the "engine stalled". Engines on jets do not stall. Jets do as stalling is a matter of speed. An engine can quit, an engine can blow out, but an engine in a jet can not stall. Naval investigators retrieved the engine and re-lit it without problems. John McCain's first crash was due to pilot error.

Plane 2: John McCain was unleashed on Europe, Spain specifically in an A 1 fighter bomber, where McCain flew under power lines in a hot-dogging incident of showing off, but where McCain almost killed himself again, when he cut the power lines and cut off electricity to thousands of Spanish residents. The attack on Spain caused an international incident.

Plane 3: In 1965, John McCain flew a plane to the Army Navy game in Philadelphia. On the return flight, McCain reported "the engine quit", McCain bailed out endangering the Americans below as the jet crashed, but again McCain survived.

Plane 4: In July of 1967, McCain was awaiting launch in his A 4 Skyhawk on the carrier Forrestal, when another jet launched a zuni missile which lit the fuel tank of McCain's jet. The resulting inferno killed 134 Sailors, but John McCain escaped unhurt. Rumors on the Forrestal blamed McCain for trying to scare the pilot behind him by McCain shooting flames out of his jet engine, which caused the accidental launch of the missile.

Plane 5: John McCain was reassigned to the Oriskany, the Naval ship with the most combat losses in the Vietnam War. On the Oriskany, he was nicknamed Gregory Green Ass, due to having flown fewer missions than other pilots. On the day that John McCain was shot down, he flew his A 4 with other pilots on a major strike on a Hanoi power plant, which McCain had begged and pleaded to be let on, as he was on the long list of promotions, and not being a superior pilot, he was about to be washed out of the United States Navy, unlike his heroic Grandfather and Father.

McCain recognized his target and dove down to 3500 feet. He stated he was warned of a radar lock of a SAM missile on his aircraft and then admited that he kept going, because he would not have been brave enough to go around again for another bombing run. At this point in the McCain story, McCain stated as he was about to release his bombs, his right wing blew off. The problem in the McCain story is it was all a lie. A camera on another American craft recorded that McCain was shot down by ground AAA fire, because McCain had flown his A 4 too low on the mission.

John McCain got himself shot down.

The worst of it followed as McCain panicked in not stabilizing his aircraft before he ejected, which caused his broken bones in his body.

McCain upon landing in Hanoi, told another fictional account where he blacked out, fell in the water, somehow made it to the surface to face 20 angry Vietnamese hauling him to shore on bamboo poles.

In reality, the real history shows that Mai Van On with his friends, left their air raid shelter to rescue John McCain, and when McCain was attacked on shore, it was Mai Van On who drove off the North Vietnamese attackers.

McCain then bartered for hospital care in exchange for betraying America with information to the enemy.

McCain then went on to become a songbird for the North Vietnamese communists in making anti American propaganda, equal to the anti American propaganda which McCain is leveling at President Donald Trump.

In conclusion, John McCain is thee most historical ace in American history, actually world history, in John McCain is the only pilot to ever bring down FIVE AIRCRAFT IN HIS OWN AIR FORCE.

That is the fact that in John McCain's military career, he destroyed more American aircraft than any Soviet or Communist pilot in the world.

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